The Career Path Less Taken

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Against the backdrop of Ohio’s looming skills gap, The Career Path Less Taken travels across the state to innovative career-tech education programs (CTE) that are preparing young people for the jobs of tomorrow. The Career Path Less Taken challenges traditional notions of success by demonstrating that there are many pathways to skilled jobs that do not require a four-year college degree.

The Career Path Less Taken is a half-hour documentary co-presented by Ohio’s public television stations – CET, ideastream and WOSU Public Media – as a part of American Graduate: Getting to Work. The three stations are partnering to produce content focused on the changing workplace and the educational pathways to skilled jobs.

Resource Toolkit

Share the documentary with your local community. With our Screening Toolkit & Discussion Guide, anyone can host an event and be prepared to facilitate a conversation about the topics included. An editable flyer for The Career Path Less Taken documentary.

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